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Contact P.Vijayan (Director)
: 0490-2332114,9447736832
: Kuthuparamba, Address: Ninkileri Road,Kuthuparamba P.O.Kannur, 670643, Kerala, India
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Our Motto

To propagate and popularize Vasthuvidya, The ancient Indian Architecture, Engineering and Technology without dilution or deviation from its basic principles and enhance its acceptance.
To bring Vasthuvidya closer to the people, to make them aware of the underlying principles correctly and enable them to eliminate superstitions, bad customs and irrational practices in the field of Vasthu.
To organize tours / trips to Vasthu destinations to study and research into the intricacies and conduct exhibitions to bring out the vast vistas of this Ancient Science.
To conduct discussions, seminars, camps and campaigns to promote free exchange of ideas among Vasthu Practitioners, Architects, Engineers, Students and Gen