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Contact K.Raja,K.Skylap (Nadi Readers)
: 9895130354
: Mahe, Address:Maniyambath (House),Anavathukkal,Bharathiyar Road,Mahe,673310, Puthucherry, India

Details of kandams
1 To be found out through thump impression (Gents-Right,Ladies-Left ) of Horoscope of the concerned person which will contain name.Parents name,present details of profession,brothers,sisters,children,
Wife and gift of future prediction for all the 12 hours(2) Money,Eyes,Family,Education and prediction
3 Number of brothers and sisters,affection held or ill feeling in between self,brothers and sisters,ears,courage,household utensils
4 Mother,house,vehicle,land property and plessures of life
Special Kandam
1 Shanthi kandam-santhi-parihara pooja (2) Karma kandam-previous birth sins committed and remedy
3 Deekshai kandam-manthra japam-wearing of raksha for avoidance of enemies,troubles etc
4 Oushada kandam-medicines